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Hiya = D my names rainbow parrot im a 21 year old aussie who has a huge passion for psp and all that goes with it i make scrap kits, templates & some times ill even make a poser im loving life at the moment i have many great on line friends 1 fur baby tiger *hes such a brat :p* im a misfit *cuz were the coolest kids on the block im a diva... * who dosnt love being diva-liciour right?* i love stalking Xeracx's tube store every friday to see whats new to buy & i love my music so i mix that & psp as often as i can
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Monday, November 7, 2011

PostHeaderIcon Mini Album

so an other one of my friends kelly had a work shop for this cute lil mini album
this is not the orignal one i dont know where that one is
but this is my favorite one i made and gave away

Sunday, November 6, 2011

PostHeaderIcon having fun with kaiser

i made this thing this year i had fun doing it,

PostHeaderIcon Flower punch decoration

heres something i made from polystyrene balls sweing pins ribbon paper and punches
it was a ton of fun to make all up it took about 6 hours

PostHeaderIcon Making Bon Bons

well last christmas mellisa taught us all how to make our own bon bons and heres mine

PostHeaderIcon Somke Pages ive done

just some pics of pages ive done or made with no photos

PostHeaderIcon More Random Cards

Just some more cards ive made

PostHeaderIcon Christmas Cards From 2010

so these were the first ever cards ive ever made by hand like this and im quiet proud of them

PostHeaderIcon Butterflys & P!nk

ill start of with P!nk i recived some photos from a friend from when she toured Australia last
and made this from it but i sadly no longer have this :( its become a victum of mold from all that winter moist and i only had one copy of each photo used they were already printed to

and now for the butterflys i got the idea from sally and made my own one

PostHeaderIcon things ive made from work shops

so if i see a card i have to do i go to the work shop heres some things ive done from work shops

Mellisa taught me this water fall card i think its called

 these are cards ive done fropm sallys work shops

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